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Meet Ashley!

Ashley Harlan (also known as Ashley Na’Trice) is a personal finance coach and motivational speaker whos assists individuals and business with becoming the CFO’s of their finances. She focuses on encouragin, educating, and empowering each person she comes in contact with to live their best life!

Ashley is the creator and host of the Wealth + Wizdom Podcast, formerly known as Miss Sistanomics. Ashley originally setout to primarily to teach about personal finances and after a significant shift in her life occured, she realized that what she orignially set out to do was no longer what God called her to do. When God speaks, Ashley listens and that is what brought her to change the direction and name of her business. As a self proclaimed sophisticated, ratchet, saved, and sanctified sinner, Ashley wants to encourage everyone to be their authentic selves, seek wholeness, strive for greater, and don’t be afraid to listen to some trap music along the way.

Ashley holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing from Middle Tennessee State University and MBA from King’s University.


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