5 Ways to Stop Living Pay Check to Pay Check

Picture this….

Direct deposit hits on Friday and I feel like I am BALLIN!!! Bills are paid. It’s the weekend, a beautiful day, the sun is beaming in my freshly washed car, my highlight can be seen from two lanes over, and my curls are popping!!! Ya girl is feeling EXTRA saucy. So, I hit up my friends to go out for brunch. We try out the new spot with the 2 for 1’s, hit up the mall, and then decide to go out later because you know, it’s just too pretty to be inside (side eye). Of course, I bought a new outfit for that night and I NEEDED that new lipstick from Sephora.

I went out, I swiped the card

I got a few drinks, swiped the card again

and then I got hungry so I grabbed food, and you know exactly what I did…

I swiped the card!!!!!

I got home and crashed about 2 am, woke up the next day and thought about my epic weekend (cues trap music because I was turnt lol)!!!


Why I Decided To Start A Blog

Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s my first blog post (whoop whoop)! I must say that I am super excited and slightly nervous because I have no clue what I am doing with this whole blog thing YET…. BUT I am HERE! So, as you see from the tile, today I am talking about why I decided to start this whole blog thing. Let me start off by saying this, “ I AM GOING TO KEEP IT REAL.” Yes, aint no sugar coating going on over here ( in my most southern accent)! I’m Ashley, aka Miss Sistanomics and I am soooo very grateful that you decided to check out my corner of the world wide web. You can head over to my about me page to get the scoop on who I am, so let’s get to the meat of this first post….