Live Through It

“Every day I’m hustlin, Every day I’m hustlin!”

This is my alarm that goes off every week day at 8 pm to let me know it’s time to work on Miss Sistanomics items. It even went off the other day at church revival and those Christian stares are something serious lol….Ooops. Anyway, I am all about maximizing my time. I’ve gotten it down to a science…almost ( more to come on that in another post) but the past few weeks have been a STRUGGLE.

This is me being transparent…

this is me admitting that I’ve have the blog about GOALS written out but haven’t been able to post because life happens,

this is me attempting to take off the being a strong woman mask because life happens

AND it’s just as important to understand how to LIVE than it is to be a HUSTLER, BOSS, CEO, or anything of the other names we have for ourselves. We have to recognize that sometimes we have to slow down and as my fav Myleik says, feel the feels.


Change Your Money Mindset

Change Your Money Mindset



Cues “I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind” AYE!!! Now, no judgement for me pulling a lyric from Gin and Juice AND…yea, we will forget the rest of that verse lol!

My point is though, how many of us really take that saying to heart?

I think we all fall into that trap of saying that we need to get our finances together and never really wind up doing it. OR, we decide to take action an open up an account, we may get an app on our phone, go through the long and tedious process of linking ALL our accounts up to that app and then  we never use the tool again. We have a false sense of accomplishment because we at LEAST signed up. We get the alerts that we are over budget and we ignore them. We get the email reminder to transfer money into our emergency fund and what happens…. ignored. We have SO many tools and resources available to us and they do come in handy, don’t get me wrong but…. why do we take the time out to get our stuff in order and never utilize the tool?