Girls Trip! 3 Ways to Not Blow Your Coins

Girls Trip! 3 Ways to Not Blow Your Coins

Cues, “You’ve got that whip appeal, so whip it on me. It’s better than love, sweet as can be.”

This is a lyric from my favorite, and I do mean Favorite…I’m talk at 5 years old singing this song in the hospital FAVORITE song of ALL time! My will change on August 11th, 2o17 because I get to see BABYFACE!!! (Insert DRAMATIC scream!!!!!) I would love to be super extra and try to make it down to the stage BUT since he’s going to be at the symphony, AND I am going with my parents (I have an old soul and BabyFace just aint my friends swag ya know), I have decided that it would be best to be sophisticated ratchet LOL!

Now, that I have gotten my semi relevant but not EXCITING moment of the week…. Let’s get to the topic at hand.

This concert kicks of the start to the LITTIEST (is this a word?) GIRLS TRIP WEEKEND!!! Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye!!!

See, I don’t know how I got sooo blessed that the good Lord saw fit for me to see 2 of my favs in ONE weekend? What did I do to deserve such favor?!?!

My girls and I are headed down to the ATL to see Myleik Teele’s LIVE podcast! I am so excited! I love Myleik and everything she stands for. She’s like my online mentor.