Cues “I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind” AYE!!! Now, no judgement for me pulling a lyric from Gin and Juice AND…yea, we will forget the rest of that verse lol!

My point is though, how many of us really take that saying to heart?

I think we all fall into that trap of saying that we need to get our finances together and never really wind up doing it. OR, we decide to take action an open up an account, we may get an app on our phone, go through the long and tedious process of linking ALL our accounts up to that app and then  we never use the tool again. We have a false sense of accomplishment because we at LEAST signed up. We get the alerts that we are over budget and we ignore them. We get the email reminder to transfer money into our emergency fund and what happens…. ignored. We have SO many tools and resources available to us and they do come in handy, don’t get me wrong but…. why do we take the time out to get our stuff in order and never utilize the tool?

Because we haven’t changed how we think about money…

As you will come to learn, I am a lover of books and podcast. I spend ALL day listening to whatever podcast or audiobook that catches my attention. Last week I ran across an episode from one of my favorite podcast, Behind the Brilliance. She played a recording from “The Strangest Secret.”

Earl Nightingale gave a very telling example that really resonated with me. He said, “If you take 100 men and ask them when they are 25 if they plan on becoming successful, all of them will say, yes. At age 65, if you went back and surveyed those same 100 men you would find out the following:

54 Men will be BROKE

5 Men will still be WORKING


1 Man will be RICH

(Now I know this doesn’t add up to 100 people, but I didn’t question him…I just rolled with the metaphor lol)

The basis of his argument is that most people in life CONFORM. We choose to be like the majority of people that are broke instead of striving to become the minority that are not.

Think about this, do you ever stop and listen to your own conversation?

How often do you say, girl I’m BROKE?!?

Now, yes you may be broke but you are continuing to manifest that broke mentality in your life.

What if you stopped thinking that you were broke and started thinking about how you can become wealthy?

What would your life look like if you started affirming yourself and speaking life into the desires of your heart?

Well, doing that takes WORK.

You must be conscious of the conversation you have with yourself. Understand that changing your mindset about money and life will start to set you apart from people and not everyone can handle that. Can you handle the, GIRLLLL you know she THINK she’s BETTER than everybody else because you have XYZ? Or, those fake friends that ACT like they are happy for you but are secretly hoping you won’t achieve more than them because they are complacent?

How do we talk down on the rich and wealthy people and in the same breath talk about how we want be rich and wealthy? I mean, that makes absolutely no sense to me!

Regardless of if your goal is to have more money, cars, clothes, kids, marriage, or whatever…. you manifest those desires in your mind FIRST! Until you make the decision to go after what you want, those things you want will just be dreams. Do you want to get out of debt? Build or buy a house? Learn to invest? Become a millionaire? All those things are possible once you make up your MIND to make it happen.

I have a list of affirmations that I look at every day. These are the things that I am determined to make happen in my life. I attribute a lot of the blessings I’ve been afforded to me literally dreaming, then speaking them into existence. Successful people understand that their mind determines their fate, not their current circumstances.

Next week, we will continue to dive into what Earl Nightingale described as the Strangest Secret, GOAL SETTING.

Here’s the link to his speech if you’d like to listen:

Until next week,


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